Learn with a Lawyer: Selecting the right divorce lawyer

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The decision of selecting an attorney can be daunting, but it is the single most important decision in starting a divorce case. Capable and experienced legal counsel can make a world of difference during a divorce in the ultimate result of the case and having peace of mind in understanding the process.

When looking for an attorney, see who you connect with and believe will be responsive to the needs of your particular case. Selecting an attorney should be a process, not a spur-of-the-moment decision. In ages past, this meant several meetings with a variety of attorneys. However, the internet has made the task of selecting an attorney much easier. The website for a firm can and should convey the information needed to make an educated choice in selecting legal counsel. Every website will likely describe the firm’s practice, name the lawyers that work there, and provide information about the firm’s experience.

Some attorneys specialize in certain fields of law, while others practice numerous areas of the law. It is important to find an attorney that practices primarily domestic litigation. Laws continue to change in domestic litigation and keeping up with one area of law is difficult enough. Finding an attorney who devotes their attention to family law will give you an advantage in your divorce case.  

Calling a perspective attorney to get information about your case and setting up an initial consultation is a good way to begin the process of hiring legal counsel for your divorce. Consultations are not necessarily free, however experienced lawyers will listen to your issues in a short, free consultation. Consultations gives clients a chance to ask questions about how an attorney would handle their case. Ask your perspective attorney what he or she thinks is a good plan for your case, what are your realistic options, and what will it take to get there. An experienced attorney should be able to provide you with a thumbnail sketch of how your case may play out and what options are available to you.

Each divorce will be different and likely produce different questions. Two main points should be considered. First, is the attorney able to set out a timeline of the process? The attorney will not be able to set hard dates, but he or she should be able to outline what exactly to expect throughout the process. A good, experienced attorney will know when the answer is uncertain, but will be able to make an educated prediction. Second, the attorney should ask you questions. Because the law is complex and can turn on seemingly unimportant factors, it is the job of an experienced attorney to know what these details are to get a true, accurate prediction of a client’s case.

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