Trips, concerts, getting married — SM Post readers have post-pandemic things to do!

Post pandemic plans

What are you doing after the pandemic is truly over? Lindsey Mayfield (right) of Mission and her fiancé Morgan Kilgore have plans to finally get married this October, 18 months after their original wedding date was canceled. Photo courtesy Lindsey Mayfield.

What are you going to do when … all this … is truly over?

Increasingly, people around Johnson County are starting to think of answers to that question.

Vaccinations are ramping up and — by some official prognostications — most Johnson Countians who want one will have received a COVID-19 vaccine by Memorial Day.

So, the Shawnee Mission Post recently asked our readers to chime in with what their post-pandemic plans are.

We got dozens of responses, ranging from big ticket items like international trips to simpler things, like hosting a backyard barbecue.

But the most exciting plans we heard came from Lindsey Mayfield of Mission.

She and her fiancé Morgan Kilgore had originally planned to get married June 6 last year.

At the height of the pandemic, they pushed it back to August 21. Then, canceled it for 2020 altogether.

Now, Lindsey and Morgan are set to tie the knot (fingers still most definitely crossed) this October, nearly 18 months later.

“It was a lot,” Lindsey told the Post in a Facebook message. “But we’re just really lucky we were able to pivot! We had to switch venues … but everyone else has been lovely.”

Here are some other post-pandemic plans submitted by Shawnee Mission Post readers. Some have been edited for clarity and length.


  • Jan Atkins of Roeland Park: “Last spring we had plans to take our grandchildren to the Gathering Place in Tulsa, so we will get there post-pandemic! That will come after my husband and I gather at church, meet with our Sunday’s School group, go out to eat and go to the movies!”
  • Beth Hoyt Magerl of Prairie Village: “Going to Texas to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece. And taking our annual girls trip to Big Cedar. Last year was the first we missed in 16 years.”
  • Erin Spielberger Howard of Prairie Village: “I’m ready to travel. I would love to take a cruise again.”
  • Scott Gregory of Roeland Park: “Tax conferences in nice places are our after-tax season getaways. Because of COVID, Santa Fe and Colorado Springs were canceled last year. The paid-for days carried over to this year because of COVID. So, this year, it’s Jackson Hole in June and Bar Harbor, Maine in July. Got our shots. Will still mask up and be careful.”

Seeing family

  • Jessamyn Cartwright of Prairie Village:Top of my list is a family get-together which includes a cookout, to celebrate our health and enjoy the presence of one another.  Visualizing lots of laughter and hugs! [Also], I want to sit outside and enjoy a meal with my friends, worry-free, which will also help restaurants.”
  • Kristin Alicia: “Hug my friends and family.”
  • Emily Wakota: “Hug my mom and dad.”

Going out

  • Jack Boyle of Shawnee: “I plan on going to movies, restaurants, bars and even performance venues if they have a proof of vaccine policy or proof of vaccine night or proof of vaccine space. Same for airline flights.” 
  • Kimberly Lawrence-Poores: “Concerts! Live music and festivals!!”
  • Frank Smith: “Dining out. Taking my 3 year old to Science City.”
  • Elyse McBride of Overland Park: “Had tickets to 3 concerts before pandemic … looking forward to being able to attend them! Chiefs games, international travel, and having a wedding ceremony.”


  • Megan England: “Concerts, Mexican restaurant, gym, massage, pedicure, family visit, dinner parties.”
  • Reggie Marselus of Lenexa: “When all this is over, I’ll be one of the first to go to the gym again and watch people work out.”
  • Jessamyn Cartwright of Prairie Village: “I must get back in shape, so I will rejoin my health club and begin a routine of swimming laps with my water aerobics buddies!”

For some, post-pandemic hopes have already arrived

  • Mary Shandler, submitted photo to the right with this caption: “Enjoying lunch at YaYa’s in Overland Park with [friend] Jean Miller to celebrate our “2 weeks after 2nd shot” milestone.”

    Mary Shandler (left), having an unmasked lunch with a friend. Both women have been fully vaccinated. Image courtesy Mary Shandler.
  • William Baker of Roeland Park:As leader of a semi-professional choral group (the William Baker Festival Singers,) we won’t really be making too many changes. [We] have held in-person rehearsals and concerts since August. We do looking forward to ditching the masks as we sing and being able to stand close together again.  In fact, we are planning a mask burning party when we gather again following our summer break. Our family of five has enjoyed restaurants and bars from the first day they were open, we have fresh haircuts and we have celebrated our lives in freedom. We look forward to all of our friends joining us in returning to our full, normal lives when Covid is a distant memory.”