Shawnee staple Mr. D’s Donuts opening coffee shop in Lenexa Public Market

Mr. D's Donuts Lenexa

Johnny Chen and Boggie Otgonbayar, the owners of Mr. D's Donuts in Shawnee, are opening a coffee shop in Lenexa. Mr. D's Coffee will replace The Roasterie as an anchor tenant in the Lenexa Public Market. The transition takes place April 1. Photo credit Leah Wankum.

The owners of Mr. D’s Donuts, a long-time Shawnee staple, are adding a second location in Lenexa, making Mr. D’s Coffee the newest anchor tenant of the Lenexa Public Market.

Mr. D’s Coffee will take over the space currently occupied by The Roasterie, which closes March 31. Mr. D’s Coffee is set open April 1.

Husband-and-wife team Johnny Chen and Boggie Otgonbayar, who have owned the doughnut shop for the past two years, said they plan to stay open on 75th Street. Mr. D’s Donuts has been open in Shawnee for 46 years.

“We’re just very grateful, especially during this pandemic time, just very grateful that we can join this big family,” Chen said. “We did a few pop-ups over there [at Lenexa Public Market], and we feel like they’re one big family.”

Mr. D’s Coffee plans to serve some doughnuts to complement the coffee-focused concept in the market. Meanwhile, Mr. D’s Donuts’ original location in Shawnee will keep making fresh doughnuts that are handmade daily, as well as drip coffee.

Mr. D's Donuts Lenexa
Mr. D’s Donuts are handmade, fresh, daily at the shop on 75th Street.

Chen said FairWave Holdings, which owns The Roasterie and Messenger Coffee, reached out to him and Otgonbayar to let them know about their plans to exit the space so they could have the opportunity.

“We were just about to reach out to Carmen (Chopp) to try to sign up for that space, and then they called literally before we hit the button; this is perfect timing,” Chen said. “I believe they have the confidence in us, and they also see the way we work. We’re very excited.”

Chen said they frequently get questions about expanding elsewhere in the Kansas City area. But the two said they want to focus on building relationships with their customers and employees before expanding any further.

Mr. D's Donuts Lenexa
The Roasterie is closing, but most of the baristas are staying on to work for the new anchor tenant, Mr. D’s Coffee. Photo courtesy Lenexa Public Market.

“Our philosophy, really, is people first,” Chen said. “Our doughnuts are good, but our customer service is the best. I want them to feel like home, they walk in and we know their names, their birthdays, their anniversaries, all that good stuff. That’s what we try to build.”

At the Lenexa Public Market, Mr. D’s Coffee plans to serve Messenger Coffee, introduce a few new specialty coffee drinks.

Chen said they also plan to keep all of The Roasterie’s baristas who are interested in staying on staff at the Lenexa location. Chen said they’re also going to use Earth-friendly, biodegradable products.

“I just want to let people know we put our hearts out, we try to build relationships with customers, and the same thing goes with Mr. D’s Coffee,” Chen said. “We want to bring them the best experience there is.”

Check out Mr. D’s Donuts on Instagram and Facebook. A website for Mr. D’s Coffee is under construction.