Cedar Station Park at Lenexa’s Mize Lake is getting a kid-friendly facelift — here’s what’s included

Cedar Station Park and Mize Lake in Lenexa are getting new play areas, shelter and trail connections on 2 acres within the 74-acre park. City leaders got a first look at some conceptual designs. Above, a preliminary look for the new play areas. Images courtesy LandWorks Studio.

Cedar Station Park at Mize Lake in Lenexa is getting a new design.

Located on 74 acres near Canyon Creek Boulevard just north of K-10, the park comprises a trail system and fishing spots around Mize Lake. (Many residents simply refer to the park as Mize Lake.) The redesigned park will dedicate about 2 acres to play areas, a shelter and restrooms, among other amenities.

The Lenexa City Council on Tuesday got a first look at conceptual renderings and preliminary plans for the park’s upgrades.

Led by the city’s parks and recreation staff and LandWorks Studio in Olathe, the project will likely include the following priority amenities on 2 acres to the north of Mize Lake:

  • Two play areas for toddlers and children ages 5-12
  • A picnic shelter with four tables
  • Restrooms with drinking fountain
  • A rain garden
  • Lawn space
  • Native grass and vegetation
  • Parking with about 19 spaces
  • Accessible path to Mize Lake
  • Lake landing on water’s edge
  • Stormwater management

The city has budgeted about $800,000 for the park design and construction. Below are a few conceptual design images, courtesy LandWorks Studio:

A view of the landing at Mize Lake.
A view of the picnic shelter with four tables.
A view of the proposed parking lot with about 19 spaces.
An aerial view of the proposed 2-acre park design at Cedar Station Park next to Mize Lake.

Brian Sturm, senior landscape architect with LandWorks Studio, said Cedar Station Park currently lacks parking, protection from the weather and access to a variety of activities.

Sturm said he talked to some first, second and third graders to gain inspiration. He said they recommended zip lines, snack bars, beaches and even dinosaurs.

Lenexa city leaders joked that there is already plenty of wildlife — snakes and scorpions — for Mize Lake and the surrounding area, without adding dinosaurs. But some city leaders recommended that park plans incorporate education about local wildlife.

City leaders also wanted to make sure the new park will have sufficient trail connections, accessibility, parking and amenities for people at all ages and abilities, while also maintaining the serenity of the park and lake.

“This is beautiful; it is a one-of-a-kind place, I just can’t even put words to it,” said Councilmember Mandy Stuke, who has many childhood memories around Mize Lake. “I just appreciate you being here and I look forward to things moving forward.”

Timing for construction depends on private development to the north, but it could begin in 2022. The park entrance would come off Zarda Drive, which has not yet been built. City staff is working with neighboring homeowners who have concerns with buffering.