Dive into a rewarding pool job this summer

Looking for fun and healthy work this summer? Lenexa pools are hiring.

A decades-long drop in teen employment has made it increasingly harder for communities to adequately staff their popular swimming pools. But a summer job in aquatics is still a smart way to earn extra money, gain valuable work experience and make new friends. Now is the ideal time to encourage your teen to line up that summer gig.

Last year, many pools were closed or restricted to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The City of Lenexa was able offer a safe, limited outdoor pool season for residents at its largest outdoor pool: Indian Trails Aquatic Center. While no decision has been made, the City hopes to operate all three of its outdoor pools during summer 2021. To make that happen, it needs to hire a lot more aquatics staff.

Lenexa is currently seeking pool cashiers (minimum age: 14) and lifeguards (minimum age: 15) to join its summer Parks & Recreation aquatics team. Perks of the job include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Free access to the pool before or after one’s shift
  • Free lifeguard training
  • Uniforms provided 
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Teambuilding activities

Why employees like working for Lenexa

When asked what they value about working for the City of Lenexa, aquatics employees often cite a sense of team camaraderie and shared purpose. “This place has become my home, and all of the lifeguards, managers and cashiers have become my amazing family,” said first-year pool cashier Margo Schuerman.

“Lenexa’s dedication to their employees’ well-being has really stood out,” said lifeguard Sean Larson.

Many aquatics employees return year after year, getting promoted to positions of increasing leadership and responsibility. Veteran staff welcome and help nurture the rookies. “My first year was as a cashier, in which I gained important customer service skills,” said Daniel Graves. “And now I am a lifeguard, which has given me experience in working with a team.”

Each aquatics position plays an important role in providing enjoyable recreational experiences for pool patrons. “I have loved teaching swim lessons and watching the progress the kids make each class,” said Erin Parker, a swim instructor in her third year working for Lenexa. “I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to make an impact on the kids’ lives.”

Reasons to become a lifeguard

“One of my favorite aspects of being a pool manager is the privilege of working alongside and training Lenexa’s lifeguards,” said Margo Salaczplantz, who’s in her third year working for Lenexa. 

Getting a lifeguard certification involves commitment, but it’s worth the effort. Here are some reasons why:

  • Dress casually. Where else can you be professional in a swimsuit, shorts and tank top? 
  • Learn lifelong skills. Lifeguards learn life-saving skills — like CPR and first aid — as well as communications skills. The ability to make quick and confident decisions transfers well to almost any other field of work.
  • Stay in shape. Swimming is an effective whole-body workout. It also burns more calories than walking and almost as many as jogging.
  • Enjoy the outdoors. Why spend a hot summer cooped up indoors when you can soak up the sun and breeze near a pool?
  • Make lasting friendships. Nothing forges a bond quite like the teamwork it takes to ensure safety and save lives. 
  • Variety on the job. Being a lifeguard demands constant attention. Mastering many tasks keeps every day interesting.

Learn more about the City of Lenexa’s summer aquatics job opportunities, starting pay rates and how to apply at Lenexa.com/ParksAndRecJobs