Learn with a Lawyer: Your insurance company isn’t on your side

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You’ve heard it for years.  Your insurance company is, “like a good neighbor” or “on your side.”  Insurance companies have spent millions of dollars in marketing their trustworthiness to you.  The simple fact is that is insurance companies exist to make their shareholders profits, not to protect you if you are in an accident.  Let me tell you a story.

Tom has car insurance.  Tom has insurance to cover himself and others if he is in an accident.  Tom also has extra insurance to cover himself in case he gets into an accident  and the person who caused the accident doesn’t have enough insurance to cover his injuries.  This is very common because the state minimum insurance really won’t help much if a person is seriously injured.  Tom is living his life sitting at a stop light.

Brad is bad. Brad is drunk driving.  Brad has two DUIs on his record and has the state minimum car insurance.  Brad slams into the back of Tom’s car and severely injures Tom.  Tom goes to the hospital and incurs hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, Tom has a brain injury.  Tom hires a lawyer to sue Brad to pay for his medical bills and for his injuries.  Tom’s lawyer gets all the money available under Brad’s insurance policy and then submits a claim with Tom’s own insurance to get more money for Tom’s bills and injuries.  This is exactly why Tom purchased the extra coverage in the first place.  Everything should be just fine for Tom.  He has insurance for this exact scenario and he’s been told from the get go that his insurance company is, on his side.

Everything is not fine.  Tom’s insurance company decides that he is not as injured as his doctor claims so Tom’s insurance company hires experts and lawyers to fight against Tom in court so that they won’t have to pay him for the injury.  Then Tom’s insurance company steps into the shoes of “Bad Brad” and starts mounting a defense to Tom’s claim.  Tom’s own insurance company hires lawyers to protect the guy whom was drunk driving and slammed into poor Tom.  Remember, Tom is the person who was just siting at the stop light doing the right thing after paying his insurance premiums to the company that was on his side.

This is real.  This happened.  This happens all the time to people that are just living their lives doing the right thing with insurance policies paid in full to insurance companies that are supposed to be, on their side.  What happened to poor Tom? His lawyers set the case for trial and hired experts to bolster Tom’s claim spending tens of thousands of dollars to prove Tom’s injury.  Eventually the insurance company paid out to Tom after over a year-long court battle.  If Tom hadn’t of hired a lawyer he would have gotten completely screwed over by his own insurance company. Tom’s insurance company was not “on his side.”

You know who was on Tom’s side?  The experienced personal injury trial lawyers he hired to stand up for him.  

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