Have Johnson County vaccine questions? Let us know

Johnson County vaccine hub

A recent clinic put on by AdventHealth Shawnee Mission in Leawood vaccinated roughly 2,000 Johnson County seniors. Some readers have asked the Post, "Will there be more such events?" Image courtesy AdventHealth Shawnee Mission.

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Now that football season is over, there is one topic pretty much everyone in Johnson County is wondering about: vaccines.

That’s apparent in the daily information sessions the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has been holding each afternoon live on Facebook, which residents can watch.

Likewise, as the county has rolled out its COVID-19 vaccination plan, the Post has been fielding questions daily from readers, asking us about the process for getting doses.

Questions as simple but important as:

  • When can I get vaccinated?
  • When will my family be eligible?
  • How can I sign up?

But also questions that feel just as urgent, but are harder to answer, like:

  • If I’m pregnant, should I get vaccinated?
  • What are local school districts’ plans for getting their teachers vaccines?
  • Why are some groups being prioritized over others?
  • Why does it seem like it’s taking so long to get vaccines to residents?

Finding answers

We here at the Post are not vaccine experts, but as journalists, we are in the relatively privileged position of being able to ask questions — and, most of the time, get them answered — in a quicker, more efficient manner than many average residents.

So, to help our readers and other Johnson County residents better understand the county’s vaccine rollout, we want to hear what questions you have.

Then, we’ll try to get them answered.

How to ask

There are several ways you can reach out to us to ask questions you may have about vaccines and the county’s vaccine plan.

  • Email us at stories@shawneemissionpost.com
  • Send us a direct message on Twitter at the handle @shawmissionpost.
  • Leave us a message on our Facebook page.

Each week on Fridays, we’ll try to answer a few questions readers pose.

In addition, check out the Post each Monday and Wednesday for regular updates about the county’s vaccine rollout, along with the latest trends in the COVID-19 pandemic in Johnson County.