Fountain Mortgage Flashback: Why we love the Kansas City Royals so much

Mike Miles from Fountain Mortgage walks you through the mortgage process.

Fountain Mortgage Flashback: Today’s column is a reprint from a few years back and reflects on another championship KC team and what they meant to us. It’s a fun, non-mortgage, look back on a historic time (like the one we’re in) and the magic of KC sports as we head towards Super Bowl Sunday. Go Chiefs!

By Mike Miles

How many of you did your laundry last night so that your lucky Royals shirt was clean for tonight’s game? I did. I’m so superstitious (as most baseball players are) that I’m superstitious about my superstitions. I can wear the same shirt but not the same outfit. However, now that I publicized that, I’m rethinking if my superstitious behavior continues when the game is played in a different country. Who really knows? What I do know is that I love this Royals team.

In 2014 we all enjoyed the ride immensely, and our thirst for playoff success was quenched by making it to Game 7 of the World Series against Madison Bumgarner. We didn’t really play the San Francisco Giants, we more or less played the San Francisco Madison Bumgarners. We maybe even considered the run a bit of a fluke after a miracle victory against the A’s in the wild card game. After all, we’re not used to the Royals being built to last as playoff contenders, so who could blame any of us if we weren’t automatic believers, right?

This team is on a mission and I love it. They’re trying to prove something to everyone – that they aren’t just lucky but actually good. This team is much more good and opportunistic than it is lucky. Was it luck that they stole seven bases against the A’s last year or was it opportunistic because they knew Jon Lester has a phobia of throwing to first base? Were five singles in a row off Astro pitching in Game 4 last week lucky? This team knows and trusts its strengths, plays to them, stays patient, and capitalizes when opportunities present themselves. I spend as much time watching the players’ eyes and emotion as I do the game itself, and by doing so I can almost tell exactly when something great is about to happen.

Cain hits a soft single into right field, and on his way to first he looks at his teammates in the dugout and nods as if to say “it’s time”. Hosmer steals second in a scoring inning with Morales at the plate against a lefty pitcher. He knows Morales is slow, so why not avoid a double play? What happened next was a ground ball by Morales that could’ve resulted in a double play and killed the momentum, but it didn’t, and the Royals scored three more times. Was it lucky that Zobrist started off the 7th inning with a fly ball that didn’t get caught? Obviously. However, the Royals see circumstances like that as opportunities and begin to execute the small things with a very process-like mentality. This team just keeps the line moving.

That’s why we love this team. I’m a process guy and I love great teamwork, trust between teammates and coaches, and the emotion that exists in both victory and defeat. I appreciate everyone knowing their role in creating a cohesion that is mostly unseen today both in sports and regular society. I believe people can achieve great things when belief and execution of fundamentals exist in cohesion. The 2015 Royals will win the World Series. This team is not a fluke and I’m so proud it represents our city.

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