Learn with a Lawyer: Should you fix a traffic ticket to keep it off your record?

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Speed limits… they are there to ensure your safety on the roads. Occasionally, however, you forget to look down at the speedometer or miss the newly installed speed limit sign and realize you are going a little too fast… Lo and behold, before you have time to slow down, the flashing red and blue lights pull you over to the side of the road to remind you to be careful and issue you a ticket. Speeding tickets are inconvenient but are in place for important reasons. 

Depending on where you are pulled over will determine what Court you will need to visit to fix that citation. However, under the right circumstances, you could amend your ticket to a non-moving violation and prevent said ticket from raising your auto insurance rates (only if you are not making a habit out of it). Many municipalities inside Johnson County, nearly all of the Courts will allow you to amend a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation but only if you were not speeding in a school zone, if you were not going above a certain speed, and if there was not an accident involved. As long as, the only citation you received was speeding, then amending the ticket can be easily worked out with the Court.

Fixing a traffic ticket is something that most people are capable of doing with a little bit of research and time.  Most prosecutors in Kansas are willing to talk with unrepresented individuals and nudge them through the process.

Going to Court and communicating with clerks during the midst of a global pandemic can cause issues and frustration for you. There are new protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which make the process longer, and possibly more confusing. Some Courts even require hearing dates for ticket amendments which will force you to take time off from work, speaking with Judges and Prosecutors and this can bring you unwanted anxiety – especially if you have never been involved with the Courts before. That is why hiring someone who works in the courtroom for a living can be the most efficient and effective way to amend your ticket. 

If you have found yourself with a speeding ticket that you need or want amended in Johnson County or another Kansas municipality, call us here at Roth Davies (913-451-9500) to see if your ticket qualifies for an amendment and to let us do the work for you.

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