Meet the Overland Park natives whose songs are featured in new Netflix movie

Music from the homegrown band The Greeting Committee is being featured on a new Netflix movie "To all the Boys." Above from left to right, band members Pierce Turcotte, Austin Fraser and Brandon Yangmi with Addison Sartino in the center. Photo credit Elizabeth Miranda.

Netflix’s upcoming movie release “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” features music by The Greeting Committee, a homegrown band with roots in Johnson County.

All four members of The Greeting Committee attended Blue Valley High School in Overland Park and still live around the Kansas City metro area. Loosely described as “indie pop” or “indie rock,” their music appears to be the fit Netflix movie executives were seeking for the third film in the “To All the Boys” romantic comedy trilogy.

This marks the first time The Greeting Committee will have its music featured in a film.

Pierce Turcotte, the bass player, said they’re excited that their music fits with the brand of the movie series, which follows the love life of a high school girl, with all its twists and turns.

“It was a little weird to process because we knew the movie wasn’t going to come out for a while,” Turcotte said. “We were pretty uncertain what exactly our role was going to be up until a month or two ago. We were a little in this limbo, just between starting the whole process in 2019 and getting here, almost two years later.

“We had to be patient, and obviously, we were working on other things in the meantime, but this was always kind of in the background. We weren’t even certain they were… going to go the whole way with our music.”

The film features the songs “17” and “Run for Your Money,” by The Greeting Committee. Additionally, the band recorded a version of the song “Beginning Middle End” for the film.

“It’s a really fun song, I’m excited for people to hear it, it’s not totally like a Greeting Committee song, but it kind of is at the same time,” Turcotte said. “it’s very cheesy, very fun. It’s a perfect song for the movie and everything that Netflix was looking for. You can kind of hear it in the title, it’s bringing the whole series together, if that makes sense.”

Things didn’t really start coming together for the band until a few weeks ago, when the movie executives put out the official announcement with the trailer and soundtrack.

“I think that’s when the emotions started to settle in and like, oh god, this is really exciting, especially after a year of a lot of downtime for us last year,” Turcotte said. “We’re starting to get these messages like yes, you’re definitely going to be in the movie, and seeing all our fans’ reactions, that’s been the most amazing part, seeing all this come together.”

For Turcotte, it’s a little difficult to describe their music. The easiest way is to just go to one of their concerts, but that’s been hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. They like to make their listeners feel part of a family and part of a special moment. They really like surprises.

Speaking of surprises: The Greeting Committee has one more surprise coming up about their involvement in the Netflix film, so stay tuned.

The movie will be released Feb. 12, two days before Valentine’s Day. Here’s the trailer.