Fairway to launch new city website

Fairway's city council allocated $7,250 to replace its dated website. The new site could be up and running as soon as Feb. 1, according to city documents.

The city of Fairway is on track to launch its new website, as soon as February 2021.

Why it matters: The city’s new website will “be much more functional from both a user and staff perspective” compared to Fairway’s current website, according to city documents.

Background: Fairway began working on the issue in 2019, and while it was included in the 2020 budget, it was put on the backburner due to COVID-19. The city is spending $7,250 — compared to the second-lowest bid of nearly $30,000 —  to GovOffice for design work.

The city council unanimously approved the item in October 2020, with an April 2021 deadline.

Key quote: “This capital improvement item was budgeted to happen in 2020, however, due to COVID-19, most of the city’s projects were delayed until 2021 as a result of revenue uncertainties,” Mayor Melanie Hepperly said in the January Fairway newsletter.

How it will look: The new website represents a major improvement from the existing site, which made it very difficult for people to find what they were looking for. Here’s a look at the existing site:

The Fairway Kansas city website

And here’s a look at the updated design: