Learn with a Lawyer: Always talk to a lawyer

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It always makes sense to talk to a lawyer when facing a legal problem.

We all know lawyers cost money. For nearly everyone money is hard to come by. So when facing a legal problem the question often comes up, “Do I really need to hire a lawyer?” The answer is No, but you sure better talk to one.

For many legal problems that arise in the average person’s life you may not need to hire a lawyer, but it always makes sense to at least talk to one.  A common legal problem that nearly everyone has in their life is receiving a traffic ticket.  If you get a traffic ticket it isn’t always necessary to hire a lawyer, but it makes sense to at least pick up the phone and call a lawyer to see what your options are.  Most lawyers will speak with you, answer a few questions and warn you of any mistakes you might be making or important consequences you might not be aware of.  Similarly, if you are considering a divorce, it is possible to navigate the process yourself.  It’s not smart and you will almost certainly cost yourself more money in the long run by not hiring a lawyer, but it is possible.

When you’re faced with a legal problem you have to understand that nearly everyone, outside of a lawyer that specializes in the particular field of practice, is undereducated in the subject.  Perhaps the best illustration of this is when you talk to most lawyers about a question that is outside of their particular field of practice, nearly all will refer you to someone else. Talk to a divorce lawyer about a criminal matter and they are going to send you to a criminal lawyer, because they are undereducated in that particular field and know that mistakes have dire consequences in the legal realm.  Legal decisions can have long lasting and dire consequences if you make the wrong decision.  

When facing a legal problem look at it as if you were facing a medical problem.  If you woke up tomorrow and all your hair had fallen out, you would immediately go see a medical professional to seek out advice on what might be wrong and how to fix the problem.  You wouldn’t “try to figure it out on your own.”  It’s the same thing with a legal problem.  If you woke up tomorrow and your wife hands you divorce paperwork, seek out a lawyer and get some advice on how to fix the problem.  Both problems can possibly be as equally devastating on your life.

Most lawyers are just like most doctors, they want to help you with a problem and make sure you’re on the right path to a good life.  The advice and assistance of both professionals comes at a cost but in the long run that cost is well worth it.

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