Johnson County’s new $193 million courthouse opened this week — here’s a look inside

The new $193 million Johnson County Courthouse opened this week for the Kansas 10th Judicial District.

The Kansas 10th Judicial District has just opened the newly built Johnson County Courthouse. Court justices and staff moved in over the past few months and are still unpacking boxes in some offices and courtrooms.

The new $193 million courthouse opened Monday, Jan. 4, and is the fourth to serve the Johnson County judicial system. Meanwhile, the previous courthouse next door permanently closed its doors on New Year’s Eve (here are some pictures of the historical building).

Hearings are still being largely conducted virtually, as no courtrooms or court offices will be open to the public while health and safety concerns of the global COVID-19 pandemic remain.

Johnson County had a virtual celebration of the new courthouse on Thursday morning — check out the live-streamed video here:

Here are notable some features of the new building:

  • Curving Kansas-based limestone ribbon wall
  • Open lobby featuring the Goddess of Justice statue
  • 28 courtrooms for criminal, civil, juvenile, child in need of care, family, probate, traffic, and small claims courts; as well as hearing rooms
  • Third floor for Johnson County District Attorney’s office
  • Jury Assembly and related areas
  • Technology and flexibility for each courtroom to adapt as needs arise
  • Separate circulation areas for court staff as well as sheriff and security areas for detainees
  • “Open Prairie” artwork (details here)

And here are some pictures of the inside of the new courthouse, taken on The Shawnee Mission Post’s tour of the building:

Main entrance of the Johnson County Courthouse along West Santa Fe Street.
The lobby area.
The new security system for entering and exiting the building.
A view of the main entrance from the second floor.
The Goddess of Justice statue, who originally stood atop the 1892 courthouse (which was demolished in 1952).
One of the largest courtrooms in the new courthouse.
The self-help room for the public to look up court records.
The second-floor lounge area of the lobby.
The community room with tables, chairs and vending machines.
An outdoor seating area.
A courtroom on one of the upper floors.
A courtroom on one of the upper floors.
The law library.
A lounge area for jurors.
The Jury Assembly room.
A room for jurors to discuss a case.
Jurors have screens in front of their seats to use during court proceedings.
A witness room.
A room for attorneys to meet with their detained clients.
A small hearing room.
An administrative office accessible from the lobby area.
Seating area for the public in a typical courtroom.