OP native, neighbor start online furniture business

Neighbor and friend duo Megan Allen (left) and Sarah Filipovits (right) started the online furniture business Gather Home KC, as a way for people to feel good about their homes as “they’re missing being with their people" during COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Megan Allen. 

Sarah Filipovits and Megan Allen, an Overland Park native, spent a bit of time scouring Facebook Marketplace for furniture during the COVID-19 shutdowns in spring 2020.

After the pair found Facebook Marketplace to be “cumbersome and uninspired” they began brainstorming ways to shop for furniture that could be incorporated with more mainstream pieces people have accumulated. Their brainstorming session sparked the idea for Gather Home KC.

“Gather [Home KC] was kind of borne out of a time where we couldn’t do that, which was gather with everybody this past spring and summer,” Allen said. “Everyone was stuck in their homes and looking around at all the projects they’d put off or were thinking of the gatherings they used to have in their home.”

Allen and Filipovits find pieces that fit with today’s styles, such as the dresser set above. Photo courtesy of Megan Allen.

Allen and Filipovits began seeking furniture to stock their inventory, created a website (found here) and launched in October 2020. Filipovits said the community has been supportive and excited about Gather Home, and it’s been a way for people to feel good about their homes as “they’re missing being with their people.”

While the business primarily exists online, pop-up events have allowed Allen and Filipovits to test the waters of what could one day become a retail space that touches on their original inspiration: A place where people can gather.

“It could be a place where people could congregate and host events, or it could be a place where we help people become more confident in their houses,” Filipovits said. “There’s such a big idea around coming together as a community and supporting each other, and I definitely think that’s where we want to go with this.”