Five tips to create a successful workout routine

If you are focusing on your personal health this year you know that incorporating a realistic exercise plan is important to our whole health but can also be overwhelming.

Most of us are happy to have 2020 in the rearview mirror and, although the COVID pandemic is still impacting our lives, it’s encouraging to think about the hope and fresh start a New Year brings.  

After a tough year, some people may take a break from resolutions or embrace untraditional ones. But chances are many of us will make the long-time popular resolution of improving health. 

If you are focusing on your personal health this year, remember that incorporating a realistic exercise plan is important to our whole health but can also be overwhelming. Do you need to go out and run a half marathon every week? Of course not! What’s most important is to create a plan that works best for you.

Here are five tips to creating a successful workout routine.

1. Focus on a skill, body part or muscle group. 

While it’s important to improve your overall fitness, start by focusing on one or two areas of your body. It can be discouraging if you try to do everything at once. For example, you may choose to develop your endurance by running further and faster. Or, you could try to improve your balance with various strength exercises. You can add variety to your workout routine to keep it new and fun.

2.  Start slow.

When you begin a new workout routine, it is important to have patience with yourself. If you try to overdo it too quickly, you could end up with injuries. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Well, not an actual marathon, but you get the point. Don’t feel discouraged by how far you have to go. Focus on how far you’ve come. Starting slow and working up to your goals will benefit you in the long run.

3. Set specific goals.

Whether you want to workout three times a week, run two miles every day or lose ten pounds, be specific about your goals. Doing so will help you track your progress and give you a sense of accomplishment when you achieve it. Make your goals attainable and consider small goals on your way to achieving a much larger one. If the goal is unachievable, you may get discouraged.

4. Create some accountability.

There are many benefits to having a friend or family member join you for workouts. It can provide you motivation and possibly friendly competition. If nothing else, talk to a friend or family member about your new plan and the goal you have set for yourself. This person can be a great accountability partner and help you celebrate achievements.

5. Take the pressure off yourself.

If your new routine doesn’t stick right away or you miss a few workouts, it’s okay! Your workout routine doesn’t need to be perfect. You can revise it as you go based on what works best for you. If you planned to workout at 6 am and you sleep through your alarm every morning, try switching your workouts to the evening. If you sign up for a yoga class and find yourself dreading it every day, find something new instead. Over time, your workout routine will adapt to your lifestyle and will feel less like work and hopefully more like fun.

Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others. We all have our own health and wellness journey. Creating a successful workout routine is about you and your health.

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