Roeland Park approves more Roe 2020 project work — including planting more than 150 trees

The Roeland Park City Council approved an agreement with Johnson County for CARS funding for two projects related to Roe 2020: the mill and overlay north of 48th Street, and landscaping for the entirety of the corridor.

The Roeland Park City Council has approved two additional items for work being done as part of the Roe 2020 project, including pavement upgrades along Roe Boulevard north of 48th Street and the planting of more than 150 trees along the busy traffic corridor.

Why it matters: The pavement work and landscaping are listed as so-called “add alternates,” or optional items, that are part of the massive Roe 2020 project, which is the city’s largest infrastructure project ever.

City staff felt instead of opting into both bids separately, the city could complete both for less money as a a combined item. In total, the pavement work and tree additions will cost $580,000, but the Johnson County Assisted Road Systems program, or CARS, will cover nearly 50% of it, or roughly $283,000.

Key quote: “We anticipate Miles [the excavation company doing road work on Roe] will be completed before May, and with work being complete in the section south of 51st Street already, that creates a corridor for landscaping work to begin there,” City Administrator Keith Moody said. “North of 48th Street, Miles does not have much work to do as part of their contract, and that will afford whomever we select to do this work to be working in that area.”

What’s next: City staff hope to publish a bid for the pavement work and trees sometime this winter, so work on the projects can begin as soon as possible, Moody said.