Toffee company that started with a homemade recipe in OP kitchen opens shop in Prairie Village

Cedar Street Toffee opened in Prairie Village at 4521 W. 90th Street on Oct. 21.

After four years in business — three of which were in a commercial kitchen — Cedar Street Toffee has moved to Prairie Village at 4521 W. 90th Street.

Teresa Spiess, toffee maker and owner, began the business in 2016 with a toffee recipe shared with friends and neighbors on Cedar Street in Overland Park. She said the business “took wings and grew to what it is today.”

Spiess said she wants Cedar Street Toffee to become part of the Prairie Village community — and she’s got plans to stick around.

“I hope to stay here for awhile,” Spiess said. “I hope that the word gets out, and I can serve people’s gifting needs or their 3’oclock sugar craving.”

Although there aren’t current fan favorites, Spiess said the nut-free dark chocolate sea salt toffee is popular. The crew sanitizes the entire kitchen before making to ensure it to ensure it’s nut-free.

Spiess said the customer interactions she’s had thus far have been heartwarming. Just this week she had a toffee fanatic brought in, by surprise, by her significant other.

“It fills my heart,” Spiess said. “It’s such a beautiful thing for people just to smile and find some joy, we all need that right now.”

Cedar Street Toffee is employing several COVID-19 safety measures including requiring employees to wear face masks and gloves. Employees are also constantly washing their hands, Spiess said.

Curbside pick-up is available for those who don’t want to go inside the toffee shop. Just call, text or email orders to (913) 548-8314 or