Fine Arts Group temporarily closes Glenwood Arts Theatre in OP again due to COVID-19

The Glenwood Arts Theatre, located in RanchMart at 3707 W. 95th Street, will once again close due to COVID-19, low attendance and an uncertain film release schedule. File photo.

The Fine Arts Group, which owns and operates two local theatres, is temporarily closing Glenwood Arts Theatre in Overland Park once again until COVID-19 is more under control.

Glenwood Arts in the Ranch Mart South shopping center at 3707 W. 95th Street first closed in mid-March due to the pandemic and the associated shutdowns, but reopened on Oct. 21 with limited capacity. According to a press release, owners Brian and Ben Mossman cite low attendance and ongoing changes to film release schedules for temporarily closing the theatre now.

“This is not a decision at which we have arrived lightly, but we believe it is made in the best interests of you, the customer,” the Mossmans said in a letter released to the public Tuesday afternoon. “Your health, your wellbeing and your safety remain our greatest priorities.”

The group’s second theatre, Rio Theater at 7204 W. 80th Street in Overland Park, never reopened as Fine Arts would not have been able to cover the costs of both cinemas with businesses capped at 10% to 20% capacity. Although both cinemas are now closed, Fine Arts will continue to stream movies virtually.

New streaming opportunities can be found online here.

Updates and announcements on the closure and reopening of the theaters can be found on the group’s website here. Additionally, Fine Arts continues to ask the public for financial support to keep its theaters running. Donations can be made online here, and gift cards can be purchased online here.

“We don’t know when we will be able to once again reopen, but until that happens, we will continue keeping our facilities clean, updated and in good repair as we anticipate your return,” the Mossmans said in the letter.