Your Mortgage: The difference maker

By Mike Miles

It’s enjoyable to be able to write a post which can be tied into a holiday. Thanksgiving always provides a great opportunity to reflect on all that we are thankful for and a reminder to let those whom we care about know how much we appreciate them.

I’m going to take today’s opportunity to reflect my thankfulness for the staff we have here at Fountain Mortgage. They are a difference maker. With there being several lending companies around (too many to count), one of the biggest difference makers between an average one and a great one can be found within the employees more than anything.

The team here at Fountain consists of people employed in the following positions: producers, marketing and operations (all part of our sales team) as well as loan processors, loan officer assistants and a loan closer (all part of our support team). Most of these positions are very common components of a mortgage businesses’ operation. However, what’s not common about these positions occupied at our firm is the level of talent, accountability, sincerity, authenticity, problem-solving, team work, positive energy, customer centric and willingness to go the extra mile that each one of these employees exhibit daily.

The mortgage industry is filled with moments of anxiety and stress, but the trick is … does a borrower ever experience it? Of course there are moments where buyers are nervous on their own. This is quite normal anytime someone is closing on a loan that is quite possibly the largest financial transaction they have done. What I’m asking is if a borrower ever feels stress because of the people handling their loan? If they are working with the right mortgage company, one that has staffed the best team possible, chances are that borrowers won’t notice the stress/anxiety/tension.

Fountain Mortgage is fortunate to have the best employees in the business. Nowhere else will you find togetherness, expertise, precision and dedication like we have here. The best part about it all is that they do their jobs while smiling and having fun.

Our company has been fortunate enough to have earned awards for the past several years being voted the best mortgage company in Kansas City by the Pitch. Much of that success is based on our foundation being built on providing the best experience possible. Our employees are at the core of our clients’ experience and they deserve this recognition for being great. Our company is very grateful and thankful for each and every one of them.

This weekly Sponsored Column is written by Mike Miles of Fountain Mortgage. Located in Prairie Village, Fountain Mortgage is dedicated to educating, and thus empowering, clients to make the best financial decision possible for their situation. Contact Fountain today.

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