Jack Stack Barbecue opening new location in Lenexa City Center

Jack Stack Barbecue, the famous Kansas City barbecue restaurant company, is bringing a new location to Lenexa next year. Photo courtesy Jack Stack Barbecue.

Jack Stack Barbecue, the famous Kansas City barbecue restaurant company, is bringing a new location to Lenexa next year.

The restaurant’s sixth location is slated to open in summer 2021 at 8721 Ryckert St. in Lenexa City Center. The location was formerly the home of Ignite Wood Fire Grill.

Jack Stack Barbecue announced the new restaurant last week.

“The new Jack Stack Barbecue in Lenexa will allow us to invite more guests to experience our special brand of Kansas City barbecue,” said Case Doorman, chief executive officer of Jack Stack Barbecue. “With our substantial remodel of the Ignite facility, we will make room for an expanded and covered carryout area, as well as a large and upgraded outdoor patio to best serve our new neighbors.”

Cameron Baraban, who does marketing for Jack Stack Barbecue, noted that the company’s plans for the new Lenexa location — coupled with a recent substantial remodel to its Martin City location — promote Jack Stack Barbecue’s increased focus on the patio experience, bar seating and options for carryout and curbside pickup. Some of that is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also fits into the company’s new overall approach to barbecue.

“I think that anybody who drives past that just sees it as being a gorgeous place to have a restaurant, first and foremost,” Baraban said. “Fingers crossed, we’re not in this situation in the same way by this time next year, especially around the summer 2021 expected opening date. But this space is beautiful; it houses exactly what we’d like to feature from our remarkable barbecue perspective. It ended up being a really perfect fit.”

Baraban noted the location could serve customers coming into the metro area from Lawrence and further out west.

“I know it’s not that much further from our Overland Park location, but if you think about the people coming in from Lawrence, Cedar Creek or anything like that, we’re excited to be able to offer our guests another option in that area,” he said. “So it’s a little bit closer to home, and we’re really excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue to be of service in that way.”

Baraban said they appreciate the opportunity to continue offering “value-based” barbecue options for families experiencing “COVID fatigue” from eating the same things every night.

“A lot of people could say hey, it’s just barbecue, but for us, this is a fourth-generation family-owned business that has a lot of time-honored traditions related to their processes and the people that work here,” he said. “It’s been incredible.”