Roeland Park approves order for design of crosswalk, staircase leading to Aldi

The city council approved a design task order for a new crosswalk and a staircase leading up to Aldi from Elledge Drive and Roe Lane.

The Roeland Park City Council last week approved $23,000 for engineering and architecture firm Lamp Rynearson to design a crosswalk at Elledge Drive and Roe Lane that will allow for easier access to to the Aldi parking lot nearby.

The new crosswalk would connect the south side of Elledge Drive to the west side of Roe Lane.

Why it matters: The crosswalk alone, which would connect the southside of Elledge Drive to a new ADA landing ramp on the westside of Roe Lane, will provide pedestrians a safe way to cross the street and access the Roe Lane sidewalk, according to city documents.

A staircase starting at the ADA landing ramp will lead up a short hill to the Aldi parking lot, in an effort to make it safer for pedestrians to grocery shop. Completing the design of both the crosswalk and the staircase at once will guarantee the two finished elements complement one another, according to city documents.

What’s next: Lamp Rynearson will design the crosswalk and bring it back to the city council for approval. The crosswalk may be completed before the staircase, according to city documents, though city staff believe the soonest the crosswalk could be installed is spring 2021.