Attendee at JoCo GOP election night watch party tests positive for COVID-19

An attendee at last Tuesday's Republican election night watch party, which took place at the Embassy Suites in Olathe, has tested positive for COVID-19. Photo credit Leah Wankum.

Attendees at a Republican election night party may have been exposed to COVID-19. That’s according to the Johnson County Republican Party, which issued a statement Thursday morning reporting that at least one individual who attended the November 3 event has since tested positive for the disease.

“While there is no evidence transfer of the virus occurred at our event, I want all attendees to know there is a possibility you may have had at least minimum exposure,” said Johnson County Republican Party chair Fabian Shepard in an emailed release Thursday.

In a follow up interview, Shepard told the Post the individual tested positive eight days after the event, was present at the watch party for about 10 minutes and was wearing a mask.

Shepard said masks were made available to anyone who wanted one but that attendees were not required to wear a mask. Shawnee Mission Post reporter Leah Wankum was present at the event and said the majority of attendees were not wearing masks.

“I didn’t go policing to make sure every single person wore a mask,” Shepard said. “They are adults.”

Anyone aware of other COVID-19 cases occurring in individuals who attended the event is urged to contact a member of the Johnson County Republican Party’s leadership team at 913-341-8683.