Former Stroud’s in Fairway may be demolished to make way for multi-tenant building, Starbucks

A developer is planning to bring a multi-tenant, 6,500 square-foot office building to the former Stroud's in Fairway. One of the tenants for the new building will be a Starbucks, complete with a drive-thru.

The site of Fairway’s former pan-fried chicken restaurant may soon house Shawnee Mission’s newest Starbucks.

The Fairway City Council Monday approved a final site plan for the former Fairway Stroud’s, 4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway, which includes options for two tenants and a Starbucks. Stroud’s closed the Fairway location in October 2019, after more than a decade in business.

Councilors approved redevelopment plans — along with four other agenda items — related to MREM Fairway LLC’s redevelopment plan. Although a development agreement and potential community improvement district petition may not come forward to the city council until December, City Administrator Nathan Nogelmeier said the developer may want to begin demolition of the 6,200 square-foot building before winter hits.

Site plans show the multi-tenant development with a Starbucks and drive-thru. Rendering courtesy MREM Fairway LLC.

“I do just want to be clear, it is possible we could approve this tonight and the developer may move forward with demolition… and work prior to weather turning cold — with the understanding that we don’t have a redevelopment agreement or CID district in place.” Nogelmeier said. “Any work done between now and December would be at the risk of the developer.”

The planning commission reviewed the preliminary site plan, which calls for a newly constructed 6,500 square-foot, single-story, multi-tenant building. Starbucks will be one of those tenants, complete with drive-thru window service.

Councilmember Jenna Brofsky said she’s hopeful the city council will have a conversation about the development agreement, particularly in regards to the council’s commitments to sustainability and environmental impact. Nogelmeier said the finance and administration committee will discuss the agreement multiple times prior to it coming to the city council for consideration.

Questions about traffic

Councilmember Dan Bailey asked about the traffic study related to the site plan, and who would pay for a traffic signal if it were determined one was necessary at Shawnee Mission Parkway and 55th Street. Nogelmeier said the city would lease the traffic signal from Evergy, just as it does all the traffic signals on Shawnee Mission Parkway.

Additionally, the most recent Kansas Department of Transportation study from 2017 found the intersection does not warrant a traffic signal. Nogelmeier said at one point, the intersection had a thriving office complex that generated traffic and even Stroud’s brought in a large crowd.

“I think it’s just important to keep in mind based on the info we have from the KDOT study and what we know of the office complex, it does not appear as though adding a use like this is going to put any sort of strenuous use of the roadway in the area,” Nogelmeier said.

If the 2017 traffic study data is not holding up in the next couple of years though, Nogelmeier said the city would revisit the concern.

The finance and administration committee will discuss the redevelopment plan at both the Oct. 28 and the Dec. 2 meetings. The city council will consider a resolution at its Nov. 9 meeting that will establish a public hearing for its Dec. 14 meeting related to the community improvement district petition the developer plans on filing.

The city council unanimously approved the five following agenda items, all of which are related to the redevelopment:

  • A funding agreement with the developer, in which MREM will pay for the legal and consultant fees Fairway accrues related to the redevelopment plan.
  • A final site plan of the multi-tenant building proposal.
  • A sign deviation to allow for three signs to sit on the building’s storefront (code allows only two signs).
  • An ordinance approving a special use permit for the Starbucks drive-thru.
  • An engagement letter with Gilmore and Bell for contract and consultant services related to the redevelopment.