Overland Park ranks high in Top 100 Places to Live list

Overland Park earned the number seven spot on Livability's annual Top 100 Best Places to Live list. The city's parks, shopping, and community activities — like the Overland Park Farmers' Market, were noted in the positive review.

The city of Overland Park earned another feather in its cap this week after it was noted on a national Best Places to Live list.

Livability ranked Overland Park number seven on its annual “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list, citing the community’s parks, shopping, creative hubs, and employers.

Making the suburbs ‘look cool’ again

“This growing city offers access to arts and culture (like the world-class Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art), enviable shopping and a park system comprised of 83 individual parks that encourages residents to hike, bike and blade everywhere they go,” Livability said in its review.

Above is Livability’s ranking for Overland Park. You can read more about their ranking process here.

Livability also noted that Overland Park is the birthplace of “everyone’s imaginary BFF” actor and comedian Paul Rudd.

Overland Park earned particularly high marks in the categories of Civic, Education and Health.

Best of Overland Park

Livability gave several shout outs for local small businesses, naming top hangout spots and more:

Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach said the city is an affordable place to live with a “truly dynamic energy.”

“We have an inclusive and diverse community. I welcome and encourage anyone looking to relocate to consider making OP home,” he said.

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