Weekly COVID-19 Update: Some return to in-person learning; JoCo health department adjusts key metric

With some Shawnee Mission students returning to in-person learning Monday and the JoCo Health Department adjusting a key metric this week was a busy one in regards to COVID-19 news across Johnson County.

Editor’s Note: In an effort to keep our readers informed of COVID-19 trends across Johnson County, the Shawnee Mission Post each Wednesday will publish a weekly update detailing the latest news and trends related to the novel coronavirus in our area. This is our first report.

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This week was a busy one in regards to COVID-19 news and trends across Johnson County. On Monday, some kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders at Shawnee Mission Schools returned to in-person learning for the first time since COVID-19 triggered shelter-in-place orders last March.

Also, this Monday the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment adjusted how it calculates and displays COVID-19 data. One big change: JCDHE changed its method for calculating percent positive test rates, which resulted in a significantly lower percent positivity figure.

Before the change Monday, JCDHE displayed Johnson County’s percent positivity at 11.3%. After the change, it fell to 6.6%.

JCDHE spokesperson Barbara Mitchell wrote in an email to the Post that county health officials opted to change their methodology for calculating percent positivity to reflect a “truer picture of what is going on in our community.” You can read more about that decision and the change in calculation method here.

Below are key trends in COVID-19, based on data from JCDHE’s revamped COVID-19 dashboard.

Key Trends

All data from the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment’s COVID-19 dashboard. We included data that was available as of October 7.
Charts above detailing the demographics of individuals who have tested positive via JCDHE’s COVID-19 dashboard. Accessed October 7.

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