Updates from Johnson County Community College: Winter session is around the corner!

Winter Session courses are all online and are offered in many fields of study.

Johnson County Community College offers a Winter Session for students who want to go the extra mile. These accelerated four-week classes give students the opportunity to get ahead, and stay ahead, as they pursue their educational goals.

Winter Session courses are all online and are offered in many fields of study. Here are just a few reasons to enroll in Winter Session at JCCC:

  • Learn from the comfort (and warmth!) of home. It’s no secret that the holiday season is a busy time of year. Enjoy increased flexibility with online classes in a structured framework. Assignments, instructions and deadlines are clearly communicated to help keep students on track.
  • Experience more for your money. Affordable tuition is the name of the game at JCCC! Whether students head into the workforce after graduation or transfer to a four-year college, we strive to put education within reach for all.
  • Work ahead toward a degree or certificate. Students enroll in Winter Session for many reasons, but the opportunity to expedite their education tops the list.

DayOne Access and Payment

As an added perk of Winter Session, many classes include DayOne Access course materials. This feature gives students access to required materials when they enroll, eliminating the need to buy physical textbooks or additional access codes. Check out the JCCC Bookstore FAQ section for more information.

Winter Session tuition is due at the time of enrollment. 

Plan Early for Spring Semester 

It’s not too early to start planning for spring 2021! Look forward to flexible course offerings, knowledgeable professors and dedicated resources tailored to student success. Explore the spring class schedule now and mark your calendar to enroll on October 28! 

Enroll Now for Winter Session!

Enrollment is officially open for Winter Session and classes being Dec. 14. These courses fill up fast – secure your schedule today! 

JCCC’s Academic Counselors are available for support and advice on Winter Session classes, the spring semester schedule and beyond. Visit the Academic Counseling page for appointment options.