Your Community: Virtual reading from local contest winners

The three winners of the Connection writing competition: Martha Gershun, Joel Holland and Annie Newcomer.

Johnson County Library is pleased to present a virtual reading by the three winners of the Connection writing competition on Tuesday, September 22. Local writers were invited to submit essays, poems, or short stories under the theme of Connection, which challenged them to meditate on the different interconnections of mind and matter that shape our world.

In her winning essay, “Emma Goldman’s Amber Necklace,” Martha Gershun writes about her connection to Goldman, the famous feminist and anarchist. After Gershun inherits a necklace that suggests an entanglement between her great-grandfather and Goldman, she develops a lifelong fascination that persists even after she is led to question the item’s veracity.

In contrast, Joel Holland’s “Contemplating Connection as Zimmer’s ‘Chasing Cornfields’ Plays in my Bedroom“ celebrates the mundane connections in everyday life. His poem marvels at the way that popular culture bonds us together and gives us a shared language to communicate, even with strangers.

Finally, Annie Newcomer writes about her connection to her late sister Patty in her poem “Achushla.” Newcomer reflects on her memories of Patty and how her relationship with them has evolved later in life.

The authors will read their winning pieces, along with additional writing from their bodies of work. Attendees to the virtual event will be able to engage with the authors and ask them questions.

The event will be held at 7 pm on September 22, online via Zoom. Registration is required; visit the event page to reserve a spot today.

Every month Johnson County Library hosts a new contest with prizes including a $200 honorarium and an invitation to read at a Library event. One winner will be selected from submissions of poetry, short fiction, and essays. Read more about the guidelines and enter your original works here.

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