Updates from Johnson County Community College: Reopened community resources

At the intersection of education and community, you’ll find Johnson County Community College. JCCC provides experience-based education, allowing students to gain real-world training while delivering a variety of services to our community.

JCCC’s Cosmetology Salon, Dental Hygiene Clinic and Continuing Education programs are three areas that have adjusted methods of serving the community during the pandemic. Here’s the scoop on each:

Cosmetology Salon Services

From haircuts and highlights to facials and massages, the JCCC School of Cosmetology Salon is equipped to perform a wide range of services. Each service is performed by students under the supervision of a licensed cosmetology instructor.

The salon will reopen to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 9. Appointments are required for all services and must be made over the phone. Walk-in appointments are not currently available. All staff, faculty and students have been trained in proper sanitation, and face masks are required to ensure the utmost safety. Due to social distancing, space will be limited, and some services will be discontinued for the time being.

In addition to helping students perfect their skills, salon goers will receive all services at a discounted rate. The salon is proud to offer free haircuts to active military members and veterans.

Learn more about the services provided at the School of Cosmetology Salon, and call 913-469-2390 to make an appointment today!

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Look no further than JCCC’s Dental Hygiene Clinic for preventative dental care. All services are available to the community and the students in training are supervised by dentists and registered dental hygienists. Just $10 covers all services including oral examination, x-rays as needed, patient education, teeth scaling and polishing, fluoride treatments and more!

The clinic is following CDC guidelines for all procedures. Each patient must complete a wellness questionnaire and temperature check before entering the clinic. All patients must wear a mask, and limited capacity will be enforced to allow time for proper disinfection between appointments.

To request an appointment, please complete the JCCC Dental Hygiene Clinic Appointment Request Form or contact the clinic at 913-469-3808.

Continuing Education Ed Talks

JCCC Continuing Education is offering a series of free instructor-led Ed Talks every Tuesday and Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. this fall. Topics range from personal to professional and all sessions can be completed from the comfort of home. Here’s a list of upcoming discussions:

  • Activate Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn – Sept. 11
  • Aiki Breakthrough Change Method – Sept. 15
  • The Freedom of Flight – Sept. 25
  • The Benefits of Forgiveness on Your Mental Health – Sept. 29

Additional Offerings   

We strive to provide a first-rate education while also serving the community. Check out the full list of public resources available at JCCC.