Featured Event: Renovation Sensation

Mark Your Calendars for Wednesday, September 22nd 10am-7pm. Tour Passes $30

The sole fundraiser for SHARE at SME, Renovation Sensation, will be held on
Wednesday, September 22nd from 10am-7pm.

SHARE is one of the largest student-led, school-based service programs in the country. SHARE creates community service and leadership opportunities for students at SME while benefitting the entire Kansas City area.

Renovation Sensation is a tour of four stunning homes that have been renovated or newly built in the SME area. Known as “Ren Sen”, it is highly regarded as one of the best homes tours in the city.

Visit www.SMEastSHARE.com to purchase tour passes. Recruit your friends and make a day of it!

Check the Renovation Sensation tab at www.SMEastSHARE.com for all the latest information.