T-Mobile in Roeland Park temporary COVID-19 closure appears to be permanent

The T-Mobile in Roeland Park, 5000 Roe Boulevard, appears to be permanently closed following a temporary COVID-19 closure in March 2020. The interior has been emptied out, and the signs on the front and back of the store have been removed.

The once temporary closure of T-Mobile in Roeland Park appears to have turned permanent. 

The store front at 5000 Roe Boulevard was among the 80% company-owned retail stores that temporarily closed due to COVID-19 back in March. One of the signs on the front door, which is translated in Spanish on a second sign, reads “sorry we missed you” and encourages customers to seek assistance at a nearby store or online. 

A third sign on the door reads “all cash and phones have been removed from premises.” Another sign, which is translated into Spanish, says the store is temporarily closed to practice social distancing.

“We are temporarily closing to practice social distancing to do our part in promoting good health across America,” the sign reads.

None of the three signs on the front door — one which reads “all cash and phones have been removed from premises” — clarify whether the store is permanently closed. The signs on the storefront have been removed, and the inside of the store is empty.

T-Mobile did not respond to requests for comment for this story. Roeland Park City Administrator Keith Moody said tenants normally do not let the city know if they’re closing. 

“Since the city is not involved with providing utility service, we often hear about a business closing from their customers who share the face with city hall,” Moody said in an email.