What do you want the candidates to be talking about heading into November’s election?

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You may have heard this November’s election described as the “most consequential” of our lifetimes. It seems many Americans — of all different political stripes — agree.

A recent NBC News poll found nearly 80% of voters are “very interested” in this year’s presidential contest. That same intensity of interest was evident in Johnson County’s Aug. 4 primary, which saw nearly 150,000 voters cast ballots, a primary record. And the county’s top election official says turnout for November’s general election could be twice that.

Which makes our work here at The Shawnee Mission Post that much more vital.

One of our main goals since our founding 10 years ago has been to foster ongoing dialogue between political candidates and the citizens they seek to represent and to put front and center the issues facing our readers and their communities.

We strive to give our readers a chance to get to know the candidates and where they stand on important issues before they head to the polls (or, this year, mail in their ballots.)

Once again, we will be putting together questionnaires for the candidates compiled from the suggestions of our readers. This includes questions for candidates in contests for

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House (3rd District)
  • local statehouse races
  • State Board of Education
  • Johnson County Commission
  • District Attorney

In addition, as we have in years past, we are planning public forums in the coming weeks — virtual, this time, because of the ongoing pandemic — where citizens will get a chance to hear the candidates talk about the issues and face questioning from the Post and our readers.

We here at the Post see it as our role to elevate the issues during our country’s increasingly divisive elections and to help citizens reclaim their voice in the debates that will shape our government’s work and the future of our country.

But that starts with you. Help us keep the candidates accountable for the things they say and do.

So, Shawnee Mission: What do you want the candidates talking about as they compete for your vote this November?

Email us your ideas here. Or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Or give us a call.