2020FIT: ‘The best defense against COVD-19 is a good offense’

Exercise and clean eating are some of the best ways to stay healthy.

Admit it or not, we’re all in a state of panic one way or another. Whether it’s the concern over school starting, getting infected or infecting someone else, losing a job or a business, or just losing your mind with the constant state of flux, we are all chasing our tails. Still, seemingly the best advice we get from our health officials is to wash our hands, wear a mask, and stay away from everyone.

I’m here to add to that list and give you a sense of ownership that we all desperately need. The best defense against COVID, the research suggests, is actually offense. It’s a focus on your health. By eating healthy, exercising, and getting quality sleep, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of getting seriously ill, admitted to the hospital, and most certainly reduce your chances of death from COVID-19.

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A recent study from Public Health England found that individuals with a high BMI place them at a 40 – 90% higher risk of death than those not living with obesity.

Huntington New York has gone so far as to encourage its residents to clean up their eating to limit their risk of illness from the virus – promotion we should have heard from our health officials back in March. They’re providing resources to the public in an amazing outreach attempt.

If there was ever a time to get fit to enhance your health, now would be the time, and 2020FIT is the place to help you do just that.
Here are some tips I shared back in March that are still incredibly true and can help you on your way to being your most healthy self.

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I wish you the best and would love the opportunity to help you navigate these times.