Overland Park police release video showing arrest of peaceful protestor, subsequent altercation that left officer with scraped knee

Overland Park police placed hand restraints on a woman during a July 24 protest after they say she refused their requests to move out of the street to the sidewalk. Video still credit Overland Park Police Department.

Overland Park officials have released police body camera footage showing the arrest of a peaceful protestor in a residential neighborhood Friday night and a subsequent physical interaction between another protestor and officers. That interaction led to an officer scraping his knee, prompting charges of battery of a law enforcement officer.

Overland Park’s communications office released the footage Monday night following multiple requests for information about the incidents, which resulted in four arrests.

The video shows demonstrators marching in support of the Black Lives Matter movement through the streets of a neighborhood near 116th Street and Quivira Road. Officers can be heard instructing the demonstrators to move off the street and onto the sidewalk. At one point, the video shows multiple officers approaching a woman near the curb and taking her into custody.

“You don’t want to listen and this is what happens,” said one of the officers after the woman had been removed from the rest of the crowd.

“I was going on the sidewalk,” the woman said.

“Oh, no, no, no,” replied the officer. “We’re done.”

City officials said officers had instructed the woman to move out of the street on multiple occasions prior to her arrest.

As officers worked to put the woman in hand restraints, she called for her husband. Shortly thereafter, a man ran back from the front of the crowd toward the officers and the woman. Officers subdued him and placed him under arrest as well. An officer suffered “scrapes and bruises” on his knee during the altercation, according to the city. The protestor involved in that incident, Darrien Richmond, was released from Johnson County Jail on Sunday.

You can see video of the above described events below:

Dissatisfaction with the police department’s response to the protests and decision to arrest individuals for marching in the street prompted more than a dozen people to show up at the Overland Park Independent Board Against Racial Profiling and Non-biased Policing’s quarterly meeting on Monday asking for an explanation about the officers’ decisions.

An organization called The Miller Dream LLC was involved in organization of the protest Friday and posted a message on its Facebook page today calling for an investigation into the arrests of the protestors. It also raised questions about the rationale for officers responding to the protest not wearing name badges.

Overland Park confirms that officers on the scene Friday had removed their name badges in accordance with a special order issued by Chief Frank Donchez Friday night. That order came out of concern that police on the scene of recent protests in Kansas City had been doxxed.

A city spokesperson said the order was specific to officers responding to the protest only, and that it expired on Saturday.