Your Community: Central Resource Library building upgrade

The Central Resource Library branch is receiving some major updates.

Earlier this year Johnson County Library presented initial design concepts of the proposed Central Resource Library’s Building Upgrade (CBU) to staff and the public through a series of meetings and online prompts. There were nearly 300 comments and suggestions sent in. In response, the Library took many of the design suggestions to heart and are reflected in the revised floorplan. The first phase of renovation at Central Resource Library, located at 9875 W. 87th Street, Overland Park, KS was competed in January 2016. This second phase will ensure efficiency of the Library’s central hub to support patrons across the entire system.


  • No public space will be lost to staff-only uses – the ratio of public to staff space will be about the same as today, and an additional study room will be added.
  • Efficiency improvements and refreshed finishes in staff spaces, largely unchanged since Central opened in 1995
  • Improved dock area for efficiency in materials handling
  • Improved area of refuge for weather emergencies
  • Exterior building and monument signage will be improved

Kids’ space

  • Will be relocated to the back left corner of the building and expanded
  • More windows and window seats will be added
  • Increasing physical distance between early literacy area and kids’ computers
  • Adding a dedicated storytime room that will also be open to patrons when not used for programming
A map of the refreshed spaces.

Teen space

  • Adding enclosed spaces near the Teen area for both quiet and louder functions
  • Adding two adjacent study rooms with connections for hooking up media to screens
  • Will still be close to the Kids section for families with multiple ages
  • May receive furniture improvements

Public PCs

  • The number of public PC stations is based on need and will likely not change much
  • The configuration of PC station desks will stay about the same – same amount of workspace and the PC area will keep some dual monitor stations
  • May receive furniture improvements


  • Adding a drive-thru for holds pick-up and returns
  • The returns slot will also be reworked so that it is easier to access

There were also many comments regarding furnishings; those will be discussed during a later phase of design.
Central Resource Library started out as a big box store in the 1970s and was renovated as a Library in the mid-1990s. Libraries have changed significantly since then, and the improvements from 2015 and now are adapting to contemporary needs. The new design will meet the current needs and be easily adaptable for future changes.

For more information on the CBU project see the FAQ.

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