Best Bets for the Weekend: Stargazing, easy snacks, Sparkle Stories

Enjoy the night sky this weekend with the Blue River Forest Experience.

Hello Kansans, how’s the week going? Are you melting under the incessant summer sun, or basking in the breeze from your air conditioning? Or are you just surviving? These days that seems like enough.

    • When it’s this hot out we tend to only leave the house in the evening. This event, a stargazing evening hosted by the Blue River Forest Experience, seems like a great way to shake up a Friday night routine and spend some comfortable time outside.
    • I’ve been looking for more ways to include my kids in the kitchen. My toddler always wants to help, but there are only so many things she can do. Our neighbor introduced us to these Peanut Butter Oat Balls. They’re perfect for breakfast or for snacking and Junie can make them all by herself.
    • We recently watched Hamilton on Disney Plus (along with the rest of the world) and I loved how it appealed to every generation in our family. We weren’t lucky enough to see it in person, but we’ve listened to the soundtrack at least a half dozen times and it’s gotten us all a little more interested in American history.
    • Another great (screenless) source of entertainment for our kids is the audio-based Sparkle Stories app. If you’re on a long car ride or just trying to get your kids to wind down, these wholesome, nature-based stories appeal to a variety of different ages. They’re a great back pocket tool for those times you’re just totally out of ideas.