Parisi Café opens second cafe in downtown Overland Park

Customers can expect a “complete Italian cafe experience” at Parisi Café in downtown Overland Park, founder Joseph Paris said. The new cafe is located inside The Vue, an apartment complex at 80th and Metcalf.

Two years after initial plans were announced, Parisi Artisan Coffee opened its second cafe inside the apartment complex The Vue in downtown Overland Park.

The two-week-old Parisi Café, located at 7261 W. 80th Street, invites customers in for the coffee and the food, founder Joseph Paris said. Whereas the original Union Station location is more transient, Paris said the new cafe shows everything Parisi Artisan Coffee has to offer.

“We wanted a flagship store that kind of showcased everything that we do within the brand besides just the coffee,” Paris said. “Downtown Overland Park is an extremely forward area on its way back. It’s got a wonderful feel, so when it was presented to us, it seemed like it was going to be a good fit.”

A gluten-free chocolate cookie and a cold brew shandy, made with coffee, housemade lemonade and vanilla syrup, are just a couple of the items available at the cafe.

Customers can expect a “complete Italian cafe experience” compared to the Union Station location. Overland Park’s Parisi Café has a full kitchen and fresh pastries daily, Paris said.

Parisi Café waited until Overland Park entered phase three of its reopening plan to open. Safety measures to protect employees and customers include requiring employees to wear masks, offering customers masks and hand sanitizer at the counter, and practicing social distancing.

The Overland Park opening was a bit anticlimactic as the pandemic put a stop to a crowd at the ribbon cutting and a full grand opening experience, Paris said. Still, he said the cafe already has regulars and employees who are enthusiastic about the product.

“You couldn’t do a lot of things, but it’s fun to see our real coffee guys being able to execute specific coffees at the slow bar,” Paris said. “ We have three coffees we’re highlighting — one cold process, one hot process and one submersion process. It’s just fun to see us kind of geek out about the coffee, as to who we really are.”