Westwood completes Belinder Avenue project; KS releasing PPE to JoCo; Food boxes available in Olathe

The striping on Belinder Avenue intends to act as a traffic calming measure in the 25 mile per hour zone, where more than 5,000 vehicles were found to have traveled faster than 30 miles per hour. Photo via city of Westwood newsletter.

Westwood completes Belinder Avenue surface treatment, striping project

The city of Westwood, following an ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface treatment project, painted white stripes on Belinder Avenue as a low-cost traffic calming measure.

Prior to the stripes, more than 29,500 vehicles traveling in both directions on Belinder were traveling at more than 30 miles per hour in the 25 miles per hour zone. The stripes intend to give drivers the perception that there is less space on the road and therefore encourages motorists to slow down.

Kansas releasing personal protective equipment to Johnson County for essential organizations

The Kansas government is releasing a supply of personal protective equipment to Johnson County for distribution to organizations that provide essential functions within Johnson County.

Johnson County is requesting that essential organizations assess their own needs and determine an appropriate 90-day supply of PPE for employees and volunteers. A link to the PPE survey and more details are posted on the county’s website.

Olathe nonprofit creates produce, dairy box pickup program for the rest of summer 2020

KVC Kansas, an Olathe family services nonprofit, is hosting a produce and dairy box pickup program for the remainder of summer 2020.

The program will occur every Wednesday at 10 a.m. at KVC’s Olathe office, 21344 W. 153rd Street. The first 500 people or families will receive a produce box, dairy product box and a gallon of milk free of charge.

People can begin arriving at 9:30 a.m. to get in line, and signage and volunteers will help direct traffic. Drivers should enter the parking lot on the east side, from 153rd Street and S. Lone Elm Road, and exit on the west side.