Updates from Johnson County Community College: Introducing JCCC’s new President and his 90-day plan

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Bowne (rhymes with town) recently joined JCCC as our sixth president. Dr. Bowne previously served as senior vice president and chief operating officer of the 18 colleges that make up the entire Indiana community college system.

Leadership Experience

Dr. Bowne brings notable experience to JCCC, including:

  • Fostering an institutional culture dedicated to the success of every student
  • An understanding of the importance of diversity, welcoming and engagement
  • A willingness to emphasize workforce training as well as partnerships with K-12 schools for lifelong learning
  • A proven ability to work with community stakeholders to ensure the college is meeting community needs and expectations
  • A background of successful fundraising and promoting public-private partnerships
  • A focus on the value of everyone in the campus community, including students, faculty and administration.

Focus on the Future

President Bowne is kicking off his new leadership post with a 90-day plan – the foundation of a new vision for JCCC.

According to Bowne, “our first months and year together will set the stage for how we serve students and the community, and how we care for each other at JCCC. We exist for our students and to be the community’s college and so our work must focus on student success. I believe our focus must be on equitable student access, success and post-completion success.”

During these first 90 days, President Bowne will spend considerable time listening to JCCC Trustees, Foundation Board members, faculty, staff and student leaders as partners in the work of serving students.

“In these sessions, I will be listening for areas of frequent concern, as well as areas regularly mentioned as being successful. It is also important to listen externally, and I anticipate spending considerable time meeting with community members. Getting to know key partners, their past work with JCCC and the opportunities ahead of us will be important to serving students,” adds Bowne.

President Bowne believes the impact of the 90-day plan will be far-reaching.
“By communicating directly with these different groups that are critical to JCCC, we will be laying the foundation for a collaborative strategic planning process,” says Bowne.

In fact, during his interview process, he shared the goal of having at least 50% of faculty and staff engaged in strategic planning for the College later this year.

“It is my belief that our best planning work happens when we invite internal employees and external partners into charting our shared future,” observes Bowne.

For More Information

More information about President Bowne’s 90-day plan can be found on JCCC’s President’s Office page.