County Update: Commissioner Hanzlick looks at COVID-19 and the importance of the census

"Without a complete Census count, racial and ethnic minorities, as well as seniors and people with pre-existing conditions, could be disproportionately impacted," said Commissioner Janeé Hanzlick. File photo.

Each week we provide a member of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners the opportunity to share an update on what issues are catching their attention. This week, we have a column from District 4 Commissioner Janeé Hanzlick, whose district includes much of central Overland Park.

Even though the pandemic and protests have taken center stage in recent weeks, it is critical to remember that we are also in the middle of a life-changing event that only happens once every ten years – the Census. In fact, the current COVID situation reminds us that an accurate population count in Johnson County ultimately helps with funding for emergencies like the one we are in now.