Here’s a tentative list of which municipal pools are reopening, staying closed this summer

Overland Park has decided to keep its outdoor pools closed for the 2020 season due to concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo credit City of Overland Park.

As social distancing guidelines relax across the state, some local pools are deciding to open, while others are opting to cancel the outdoor pool season all together. Here’s a look at what each city has planned for their outdoor and indoor aquatic centers for the summer.

Overland Park

Overland Park’s pools will not open for the 2020 season.

Early plans for the pools included opening just one of the five facilities, shortening the swim season, staggering designated entrance times and other measures that would enforce social distancing procedures, but all of those prospects were shot down by the Community Development Committee who made the complete closure recommendation to the Overland Park City Council. 

Estimates suggest that keeping the pools closed could save the city more than $1 million.

The indoor pool at the Mass Ross Community Center did not open when the rest of the facility resumed operations. A notice from the Parks and Recreation Department in Overland Park says the pool could open later this summer.


The city of Lenexa opened the Indian Trails Aquatic Center in SarKoPar Trails Park — one of its three outdoor pools — on June 8. 

Regular capacity for the Indian Trails Aquatic Center is more than 1,000, but only 300 patrons are permitted in the facility at a time. Additionally, face coverings are recommended for patrons and staff on the pool deck. Deck chairs are not available.

Additionally, the pool will close at 4 p.m. every day for one half hour for cleaning.

Those who already purchased outdoor pool passes will be able to use them through the 2020 and 2021 summer season.

The indoor pool located in the Lenexa Recreation Center is expected to reopen on June 13.

A full list of expectations and restrictions for the pool and other Parks and Recreation facilities can be found on the city of Lenexa website. 


The city of Shawnee decided this week it will not open Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center on Johnson Drive.

Shawnee had considered keeping Splash Cove at the Jim Allen Aquatic Center closed and opening Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center — with a number of COVID-19 prevention measures in place.

Prairie Village

Early in May, Prairie Village decided against opening its municipal pool on Delmar Street.

One of the biggest barriers that ultimately led to the Prairie Village Pool Complex’s closure was the limitations to guard training, assistant city administrator Meghan Buum said previously. Buum also said there was concern about asking young summer pool staff to enforce the necessary social distancing policies in the facility.


The pool in the Woodside Club reopened on June 8. The pool is part of the private Woodside Club.

The outdoor adult pool is open to pass holders and club members over the age of 16, but the family pool will not be opening. A full list of restrictions, expectations and social distancing procedures can be found on the club’s website. 

Roeland Park

Early in May, Roeland Park decided to close the aquatic center for the 2020 season because of the ongoing pandemic. The motion to keep the pool closed was a unanimous decision.


The new community center on Slater Street is expected to open to the public on July 4. The community center’s new outdoor pool will open when the Ad Astra Reopening Plan enters the phase out portion, or no sooner than June 22. The indoor pool will not be completed until September 5 because of a coronavirus-related supply chain issue with the pool tiles.


In May, Mission decided to keep its municipal pool closed for the 2020 season. City administrator Laura Smith previously said one of the key variables that led to the decision was the lack of lifeguard applicants.

The pool area inside the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center, will open no sooner than July 1, but will be limited to scheduled lap lane reservations during this phase.


The city of Fairway has tentatively decided to keep its pool near Neale Peterson Park closed for the 2020 season. In May city staff said they would continue to monitor COVID-19 pandemic distancing guidelines and could adjust their decision.

Previously, city administrator Nathan Nogelmeier said city staff determined that the inability to train lifeguards while maintaining the recommended physical distance is the main factor keeping the pool closed.


The Leawood Aquatic Center is expected to open on June 15, a week later than previously planned. Extra precautions include pre-registration for one of three, two-hour staggered swim times each day and limiting the pool to just Leawood residents.

Additionally, the city hopes to resume normal swim lessons on July 6. 

This story has been updated to reflect the city of Shawnee’s decision not to open the Thomas A. Soetaert Aquatic Center on Johnson Drive.