2020FIT: Join us for Saturday’s Open House

2020FIT is ready and waiting to welcome you for an Open House this Saturday.

Join us Saturday, June 13th for an Open House at 2020FIT from 10:30 – 12:00 pm.

Yoga, cardio classes, weightlifting, golf fitness and high-intensity interval training – All options that are now offered after 2020FIT’s recent expansion.

Just over a year ago we started a major renovation of 2020FIT & at the beginning of March, had our Grand Opening Party for our clients. The plan was to follow that party with another Grand Opening which would include the Prairie Village & surrounding communities.

2020FIT has successfully re-opened after the COVID shutdown with safety procedures in place.

Fast forward to today as we have successfully re-opened after the COVID shutdown with procedures in place that have followed intense equipment & common area cleaning protocols as well as social distancing guidelines with our client’s safety as our #1 priority.

We strongly believe that 2020FIT is for everyone regardless of ability & previous fitness experience. We have several programs to choose from to match your interests, whether it’s high-intensity interval training, bodyweight, golf fitness, weightlifting, or yoga.

It’s important to recognize that in today’s world, your health is your strongest defense against whatever comes your way. We provide not only coached fitness classes but lifestyle guidance which includes nutrition, recovery, and mindset.

Please view this as your personal invitation to attend our Open House & take the first step to improve your overall health. Register here. If you’d like to discuss 2020FIT via a phone call or scheduled tour, please reach out via text to Jon at 913-608-1443.