Leawood approves signage plan for Ranch Mart North

The Glenwood Arts Theatre, located in RanchMart at 3707 W. 95th Street, will once again close due to COVID-19, low attendance and an uncertain film release schedule. File photo.

The Leawood City Council this week unanimously approved a revised final sign plan for Ranch Mart North at the northeast corner of 95th Street and Mission Road.

Chris Hafner with Overland Park based Davidson Architecture and Engineering told the council Monday that city staff had asked him to wait on a prior version of the final sign plan until the McDonald’s restaurant at the site got its digital drive-thru display approved.

The firm has submitted the project’s permit applications, Hafner said. The site’s mixed use building and façade renovation are proceeding, and the building’s pad site is being prepared. The northeast building has been removed.

According to a May 20 city staff report to the council, the city’s planning commission unanimously recommended approval of the revised sign plan with stipulations including:

  • No illuminated signs on the development’s north side
  • No signs on the north side of Building 4’s second story
  • No illuminated signs on an east-facing second story between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Illuminated signs facing 95th and Mission
The project’s scope includes a complete façade renovation, new pedestrian areas, and plaza and event space. Image credit Cadence Commercial Real Estate.

The council voted unanimously in early March to delay the start date for collecting a new 1% sales tax for the Ranch Mart North Community Improvement District until Oct. 1, 2021, from the original date of July 1, 2020.

Trip Ross, a principal with Cadence Commercial Real Estate, the project’s developer, said he had requested the delay in collecting tax revenue so construction materials for the project would not be taxed under the CID. Cadence represents the property’s owner, Bob Regnier, who is also president and CEO of the Bank of Blue Valley.

In early January, the council approved final development plans for Ranch Mart North, paving the way for major work to start. The council originally approved establishing the 1% CID in April 2019 to fund certain redevelopment costs for the project. The CID will increase the sales tax from 9.1% to 10.1% for purchases at stores in the shopping center north of 95th Street and will provide an estimated $13.45 million toward the total project cost of $47 million. The CID can stay in effect for up to 22 years.

The project’s scope as described on Cadence’s project website, which includes a “fly-through” video of the envisioned redevelopment, is as follows:

  • Complete façade renovation of the entire center and interior remodel of Cosentino’s Price Chopper
  • New two-story, mixed-use building with second floor office space above restaurants
  • New pedestrian areas and connectivity to maximize safety
  • Substantial plaza and event space
  • Modern materials and architecture with lush landscaping
  • Updated parking areas, islands and lighting