Best Bets for the Weekend: Camping, cream, conversation

Yoga and camping at Clinton State Park in Lawrence.

Hooray for summer weather! We’ve been enjoying cool mornings breakfasting on the porch and cooler afternoons in the basement searching for the blow up pool. Ha! Honestly it feels so good to have some sunshine, eat the first of the summer produce and stay up late reading in the hammock. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy summer, here are a few suggestions:

  • Last weekend we went camping at Clinton State Park in Lawrence. Camping is recommended as a relatively safe way to socialize during quarantine, and it was a blast. My sister-in-law led morning yoga sessions (seen above). The kids ran around all day and cooled off in the lake when they needed a rinse. It’s so close to home, but it felt like a mini vacation.
  • Donuts and ice cream – do you agree that this delicious and lethal duo? It’s probably good I can’t quite walk to Fairway Creamery, Christopher Elbow’s lovely shop near Fairway Park on Mission or I would stop by morning, noon and night. Summer weather equals ice cream, and Fairway Creamery has a great set up for to-go orders.
  • It’s my responsibility to teach myself and my children about racism and social justice. Luckily, there are many children’s books that allow our family to have important conversations and raise questions on these topics. Let’s Talk About Race and The Colors of Us open up opportunities for discussions and the website Raising Race Conscious Children has loads of information and resources to further investigate.