2020FIT: Turning a loss into a lust for life

2020FIT founder Jon Rowley with friends

This past week I lost one of my most dear friends in the world. Kevin Carr D’Agostino was 33 and suffered with Cystic Fibrosis from the day he was born. As someone who motivates people to be healthy for a living, I wanted to share a bit of Kevin’s story with the hopes of inspiring you to take advantage of the hand you were dealt with, the same as Kevin did. We all have excuses for why we’ll start taking care of ourselves tomorrow but given what I saw him go through, most of us have a leg up from day one:

– Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth
– Brain injury at age 29 leading to loss of function on the left side of his body
– Double lung transplant at 31

Kevin Carr D’Agostino was 33 and suffered with Cystic Fibrosis.

Running a fitness facility, you’d think I wouldn’t have an excuse to workout as my office is literally steps from any piece of equipment I could ever dream of having. Yet, I allow things to get in the way of me pursuing my best self using the excuse of being too tired, not rested enough, or just too busy. My friend Kevin had every legitimate excuse in the book. Yet he never used them or felt bad for himself. In his mid to late 20’s, he started training and got in the best health of his life and 100% attributed it to his workouts.

The lesson that I take away from Kevin is to take full advantage of the opportunities you have in front of you. You have a beautiful body – use it. To hear the complete story and to put some pep in your step for the day, you can find it here.

Please take care of yourself and take advantage of the gifts of health you’re given.