Merriam pushes operational date for new car dealership at Merriam Pointe to December 2021

Merriam Pointe co-developer Richard Webb, owner of Infinity Kansas City, will have another year-and-a-half to bring a new car dealership to the redevelopment site off 67th Street and Interstate 35.

The Merriam City Council earlier this month approved an amendment to its redevelopment agreement with Merriam Pointe, pushing the operational date from July 2020 to December 2021.

Merriam Pointe co-developer Richard Webb asked the city to push the date back as his negotiations are still underway with a potential end user and therefore cannot be operational by July 24, City Administrator Chris Engel said. Mayor Ken Sissom said Webb made a good faith effort to turn a piece of property with no value into something marketable, that both Webb and the city can profit from.

“If [Webb] hadn’t done anything, that place over there would be nothing but a big ditch right now,” Sissom said. “The future looks pretty bright, it may take a little longer than we thought, but he’s the one that had all the risk — the city had no risk in this matter.”