Johnson County Community College announces four-step ‘return to campus’ plan

Johnson County Community College is currently in step one of the four step plan. Students can return to campus in step three, or no sooner than June 22. File photo.

Johnson County Community College last week released a four-step return to campus plan.  The plan will resume on-campus activities and services while protecting the “health and safety of the campus community,” according to JCCC.

“Fully restoring campus operations will require patience, careful consideration and deliberate implementation,” the Return to Campus Plan webpage reads. “As the situation is still fluid, some of these details may change.”

The community college will only progress to the next step if there is a “downward trajectory of documented cases within a 14-day period,” or if there is a “downward trajectory of positive tests as a percent of total test” within that same time frame.

Although it is a four-step plan, there are five separate categories that are detailed in the plan, including employees and students, employees and work areas, facility and personal protective equipment. Below are the steps and the changes to be found in each category, as outlined in the return to campus plan.

Step one (currently underway)

The first step allows employees and students involved in or taking essential workforce training to be on JCCC’s campus. All others are working or learning remotely.

Employees are required to practice social distancing, plan for staggered work shifts, develop COVID-19 awareness training and draft safety and health language. Student support services and student learning has been transitioned to occur remotely. Instructors and students are required to clean work spaces after each use, and housekeeping will clean classrooms based on usage.

Community events, dining, child care, and athletics are not permitted on campus. Site assessments are in progress for multiple items such as outside airflow and cleaning schedules, and social distancing and hand washing signage is being procured and planned for placement. JCCC is also working to distribute PPE such as hand sanitizer, cloth face coverings and plexiglass.

Step two, beginning no sooner than June 1

Employees working remotely will be transitioned back to campus based on their function during the second step. Non-essential employees will return to campus to prepare for students returning, though only students taking essential workforce training are allowed on campus during this phase.

Employees are required to complete COVID-19 awareness training before returning to campus. This includes a certificate to be submitted to a supervisor before the employee can interact with others. The summer semester will occur remotely.

Limited dining and child care services will be allowed on campus, and social distancing and handwashing signage will be installed. All returning employees will be given two cloth face masks, sanitizer will be placed at entry points and cleaning supplies will be distributed.

Step three, beginning no sooner than June 22

Students will begin returning to campus during step three, and employees can work remotely as needed. Employees are required to start all meetings with safety and health reminders. Student support services will begin to transition to on-campus via appointment only, in an effort to limit walk-in traffic. Hands-on training and other approved courses that may not be moved online can return to campus, with the Dean’s approval.

Athletics begin to return as JCCC guidelines develop. Dining and child care services will also be expanded during this phase.

Step four, beginning date to be determined

Remaining campus activities will be reintroduced, including the return of students in a reduced capacity (following state and county guidelines). Vulnerable employees can work with human resources to request accommodations, though regular employee operations will resume. Employees can begin meeting in-person, but must follow the JCCC guidelines.

Libraries, resource centers and labs reopen, and student support services can occur both remotely and on-campus. Community events return to campus during step four.

JCCC return to campus guidelines include taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as limiting gatherings and meetings and practicing social distancing. A full list of guidelines, which will be updated as changes occur, can be found here.