Inside JCPRD: JCPRD’s 50 Plus Department connects older adults to healthy aging resources online

50 Plus hike participants

By Michelle Alexander

Encouraging older adults to engage in healthy habits to maintain positive quality of life has always been the driving force behind what we do. Those healthy habits, such as staying connected, staying active, keeping the mind sharp, finding meaning and joy, and coping with change, are especially important now.

Resources for those healthy habits can currently be found daily on our JCPRD 50 Plus Facebook page. Enjoy performances by some of our favorite musicians that often perform at 50 Plus special events, gain tips and links to videos to workouts and healthy eating tips, find user-friendly technology tutorials, and more.

The Explore 50 Plus monthly e-newsletter has been increased to a weekly version. To sign up to receive the newsletter, visit New and different virtual content aside from the Facebook page is shared here. A Community Connection section highlights local resources for older adults.

50 Plus Bingo participants

Another way to connect to 50 Plus is through our new virtual programs. Educational programs and presentations on mental health, home organization, healthy eating, and budgeting are some of the first that have been offered. Jeopardy, Bingo, and coffee talks have been well received to keep avenues for socialization open. Additional opportunities for education and engagement are currently being planned and can be found in both the e-newsletter and on the Facebook page.

This week’s virtual programs include Wheel of Fortune on Wednesday, May 27 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m., Instant Pot Cooking on Thursday, May 28 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., and How to Improve Your Relationship with Food on Friday, May 28 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. All programs are presented via Zoom’s video conference platform. If you would like to attend any or all of these free programs email for more information.

Until we can enjoy programs and events live and in person again, which we are planning for now, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit with us online. To connect with a 50 Plus staff member by phone, please call (913) 826-2975.

Michelle Alexander is the Recreation Manager for the 50 Plus Department. In addition to providing programs for active older adults, Michelle and her team provide facility management and programming for all ages at both the Roeland Park Community Center and Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse. Michelle is a graduate of Pittsburg State University and has been serving in a variety of roles within the 50 Plus Department at JCPRD for the past 22 years.