Updates from Johnson County Community College: Center for Sustainability drives future careers

Darrien Savage – Former SSC member, Center for Sustainability Intern – Class of 2016

When it comes to sustainability, Johnson County Community College is committed to being environmentally, socially and economically responsible. This would be impossible without the dedication of our Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) and sustainability interns to countless eco-friendly projects around campus.

We recently heard from several alumni who credit the knowledge gained during their time at JCCC’s Center for Sustainability with shaping their career paths.

Darrien Savage – Former SSC member, Center for Sustainability Intern – Class of 2016

“Since graduating from JCCC and then Kansas State University with a degree in Wildlife Ecology, Management, and Conservation, I have primarily been traveling throughout the Great Plains performing pre-construction surveys for wind farms. My main tasks include avian surveys to determine if an area could safely install wind turbines without disturbing the local bird population.

My time as a Center for Sustainability Intern and SSC member gave me the opportunity to create on-campus wildlife and sustainability related projects, something that is unique and uncommon in a community college setting. I actually got my first wildlife job with wind turbines right after graduation, thanks to the connections made as a member of JCCC’s Center for Sustainability.”

Erin Kruse

Erin Kruse – Former SSC Co-Chair – Class of 2018

“I currently work as the Student Assistant for Sustainability at Pittsburg State University. I’m also the president of Students for Sustainability and Executive Chair of the Student Sustainability Fund Committee that I helped form. Along with coordinating campus sustainability, I have also received several grants that allow me to explore implementation of sustainable food production on campus and throughout the local community.

JCCC helped prepare me every step of the way. From my Sustainable Agriculture certification, to understanding College operations as an intern, facilitating sustainable food production through the farm-to-table program and, through being a leader of the SSC, understanding how to delegate funds.”

Haley Street

Haley Street – Center for Sustainability Intern, Fall 2019

“Only a couple of months after I finished my internship in the Center for Sustainability at JCCC, I found a full-time job at a local start-up working towards making our region more sustainable. I probably wouldn’t have heard about this company if it weren’t for Krystal Anton, JCCC Waste Minimization Coordinator, who invited me to a sustainability luncheon. My design skills, and my interest in sustainability, helped me perform my job well as an intern and now sets me apart in my current position as marketing manager.”

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