Best Bets for the Weekend: Coroñata, investigative journalism, sugar cookies

Our coroñata waiting to be filled with candy.

Gosh, this week. Has it been a tough one for anyone else? We’re long past the novelty of staying at home and all of my healthy habits are gone (along with the sunshine). Too often getting through each day seems like a chore. But still, life presents us with opportunities for joy. Here are some great things:

  • Jay has a big birthday this weekend. We’ll be celebrating at home with schnitzel and a homemade coronavirus-inspired piñata (coroñata) filled with all his favorite candy. It was messy and fun and dipping newspaper strips in flour paste brought back lots of memories.
  • Bad Education should be required viewing for all high school journalism students. The true story of some shady school administrators on Long Island this movie is scandalous and satisfying and so much fun.
  • I mentioned in an earlier column that our children have been cooking up a storm. I gave their bi-monthly restaurant pop-up The Jolly Bagel 5 stars in my latest Yelp review. Hands down the best thing they’ve made was the sugar cookie recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.