2020FIT: Opening safely ASAP

The staff at 2020 is preparing to resume classes with new standards in place to ensure social distancing.

Many of us have been out going to the grocery store or the hardware store and have seen the risks associated with visiting these stores. Your gym should be able to be safer AND provide a healthy experience you need plus a boost to your sanity. Businesses all around our community and country are getting ready to do the same thing. Using savvy and creativity, we’ll figure out how to navigate safely while continuing to serve those we’re in business for.

Day in and day out, many of us are struggling to find the motivation to workout at home. Yet we know that exercise is a big contributor to our immunity and overall health. Are you sick of working out at home by yourself? Me too. I’m also ready to start slowly seeing my friends and family again. One of those places in my daily routine is my gym. I’ve come to realize viscerally over the last two months that it’s much more than that to me. As we work to find a balance between improving our health and wellness with venturing back into society, 2020FIT is here for you.

My wife Britni and I are no different than the majority of small business owners in the country. We understand the importance of pausing these past few weeks to flatten the curve, even as we struggled to keep our business operating. Like all small business owners, we’ve been riding the unpredictable wave which has been our public health policy. As we now look to re-open our physical location, we are working diligently to responsibly provide the safest training environment possible. And it’s needed.

Our community of clients at 2020FIT is family to us and to our team. Their support has been unwavering, and we are determined to provide the best environment possible for them to not only improve their fitness, but to have access to all of the lifestyle information that we can provide to improve their nutrition, weight loss goals, and overall health.

We welcome you to become a part of our community. 2020FIT is an established leader in health and wellness with the best coaching, the cleanest facility, and the most caring team you’ll find. Wherever your starting place is, whatever your goals are, we’ll be alongside you on the journey to your best self. At 2020FIT our focus has been and will always be our clients’ health and that has never been more important than now. People need to move, breathe & stretch to stay healthy.

Please take a moment to watch a video that we created to share with our political leadership highlighting the protocols we are implementing to accomplish our goals of providing our community a venue to improve their health and wellbeing.